Are you responsible for European Mobility Week (EMW) in your city in 2023?

The Kobla app has proven itself as a successful initiative for EMW with a top three placement in 2021. Now your city can be a part of taking it to the next level in 2023!


4 weeks campaign

Score bonus points by traveling sustainably.

Weekly winners!

Direct contact with users in the app

Digital diploma

Report summarizing the positive impact this initiative has had.

The EMW generates attention across the continent around sustainable mobility. But it´s hard to know what to do to make your city a meaningful part of EMW. All initiatives take time and effort, so you want whatever you choose to do to be worthwhile. The Kobla concept is a turn-key solution, with a proven track record that lets your city run a local EMW campaign that has an exciting European competition context!

With the EMW Plus plan, a participating city receives a summarizing report containing statistics, such as total green kilometers logged in their city, total amount of CO2 saved and total amount of calories burned, throughout the campaign period.

So what exactly is Kobla?

Kobla is an app that helps you choose eco-friendly travel options. The app uses gamification, nudging and competitions to make green travels more fun. It helps you take control of your mobility habits by showing CO2 emissions saved and calories burnt when you travel sustainably. If you want, you can get to know Kobla better here. The Kobla app is designed for a busy life. It logs your journeys automatically, but Kobla is 100% GDPR compliant and your data never ever leaves your phone.

As part of the EMW campaign, your city can host a travel greencompetition where your citizens can win prizes and compete against each other, simply by urging them to install the Kobla app and letting it log their sustainable travels. Traveling sustainably lets your citizens score bonus points and compete with each other with these points. As a group, they compete with citizens of other participating cities in the Kobla «travel green» competition. In addition, citizens are able to set up their own leagues by inviting friends. Competition scores are of course fairly calculated so that smaller cities are able to compete with larger ones. 

A Kobla EMW campaign – how would it work in your city?

It’s simple! If your city wants to be a part of our European competition, you take a quick video meeting with us and we get to work! We set everything technical up, and you receive a promotional package with material that can be included in website news articles, Facebook posts and so on. These original files are in English, but are not locked, and can therefore easily be translated to your local language if you want.
Kobla is at the moment in the languages Norwegian, Swedish, English, German and French.

The Kobla app is open for onboarding in your city. The first week is used as an introduction to the campaign, which is a great period for onboarding and to let people get to know the app. You use the promotional material to promote the campaign in every channel you can.

Starting the competition
In the period we run the competition for your city, the participating citizens will score bonus points by traveling sustainably. We take care of everything. We announce weekly winners in the app, and can let you get in contact with them if you want to make social media posts about your initiative or have giveaways to use as prizes.
Winners are announced! The winning citizens in each city and the winner of the competition between European cities will be announced in the end of the last week. Your city gets a digital diploma, and if you go for the EMW Plus package, your city gets a report summarizing the positive impact this initiative has had.

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*Kobla intercity competition is our contribution to the EMW competition. Kobla AS does not have a collaboration with EMW per se and this campaign is not made by, or for the EMW organizers.