Change your travel habits. Save both money and the environment!

Kobla is an app that helps you choose eco-friendly travel options. Leave your car in the garage, earn bonus points and benefits.

How Kobla works

What can Kobla do?

Kobla for You

No doubt, walking or cycling is the best alternative. When possible. Bus and trains sometimes get you where you´re going, while a car is needed other times. But what about everything that’s new out there? Car sharing, city cars, carpooling and scooters? Renting rather than owning? Kobla is an intelligent travel assistant on your phone that helps you make smart, cheap and environmentally friendly travel choices a little more often.

Kobla for Municipalities

Is population growth without increasing private car usage even possible? Kobla motivates inhabitants to let the cars rest and their legs go. Municipalities want to attract new inhabitants and city centers need shoppers, everyone wants more people, walking, cycling, taking public transport and carpooling. But no one wants more cars. With Kobla it’s possible.

Kobla for Business

Create a better working environment! Healthier employees and reduced sick leave! With Kobla, departments can compete against each other in cycling, busing or using their legs to get to work, or remembering to take a walk if they are at home offices. Everyone in the company collaborates to achieve common goals, which can be documented in the company’s climate accounts.

Buckle up! The Kobla App registers your travels.

As long as it’s okay with you, Kobla registers your trips, all by itself. It gives you an overview, but requires no effort! You get your own, your family’s or your company’s travel habits documented. The result is a complete picture of costs, time use and environmental impact.

Save money, save the environment.

There are now dozens of methods to get back and forth to work. You can own a car, you can rent a car, you can even share a car. But what should you choose? Based on your habits, Kobla will recommend what may suit you best. Fortunately, economic, environmental and health benefits usually overlap!

Compete and win prizes!

A little friendly rivalry will often result in the extra push needed to do things a little differently. In Kobla, you can compete with the rest of the city, district, neighborhood, group of friends or internally in the company, in many different ways. You collect bonus points and win prizes. Kobla gives you praise and encouragement along the way!

Test drive Kobla

Kobla is free for the user, but is rolled out in a region in partnership with either a municipality, a public transport company or indeed, any organization that wants to reduce congestion, emissions or improve inhabitants health. Please contact us! If you are curious about us, we are definitely curious about you!

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What I like about Kobla is that I don't have to do anything!

Kristine FlovildCEO in Boitano AS and a part of Kobla's advisory board
9. January 2023

Kobla is now on sustainable solar energy

Kobla is now on sustainable solar energy In Kobla, we make a living by motivating others to choose greener travel options. We are concerned with the environment and sustainability, and…
14. November 2022

You need full itineraries, not just transits

As last year, Kobla is part of the "Vintertramparna" campaign in Östersund, Sweden. 100 winter cyclist participants are given studded tires, lights and other winter equipment by the municipality, in…
14. November 2022

Focus group: The health effects of leaving the car parked!

Here is an exciting case we are working with for a Norwegian mobility company: 100 people have downloaded a special version of Kobla and are using it to make active…

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