Starting a new project – Trondheim municipality!

Kobla proudly presents our newest customer: Trondheim! The app will be used as a tool in HjemJobbHjem companies in Trondheim.


The municipality with the world’s first bicycle lift wants to use Kobla app as part of the motivation campaign in
HomeJobbHjem. The campaign will be used by over 1200
employees and will start already the week after Easter. This is a kickstart on good habits!

HJH is a mobility scheme for companies in the Trondheim area. If you want to know more about the scheme or register your company, take a look HERE.


Why HJH for business now?

Why now? Right now is the perfect time to launch this campaign.
A long winter is over, and many want to get started with a new project, whether it is spring cleaning or new garden furniture.
Perhaps one of the most important reasons is that people have finished a long period of home office, and the opportunity for new habits opens up in a new everyday life. It may be a long time since you have driven to work, so employees can be more open minded for good opportunities.


Kobla in HJH

In the HJH campaign, Kobla will help employees measure their journeys, be rewarded for green journeys and compete with each other. The app will provide positive and daily “pushes” for the employees to reach their goals and complete the project. The employees will experience a sense of mastery in everyday life and the joy of competition, as well as be able to use exclusive features in the app. There are many factors that motivate an employee, and we are experts in using these!



Kobla found it incredibly exciting to get to know an environment that is as tough and hardy as Trøndelag. Trondheim has a good culture for sports, which is evident in all the top athletes from the city. We are proud partners with the city!

But no matter how much you give, it can be tough to take a green route if it rains without any extra push and motivation along the way.

This is why we created a function in the app that specifically rewards the green journey when the weather is bad. We focus on paying tribute to those who cycle and walk, regardless of weather and wind. It’s something to be proud of!



We look forward to the collaboration with Trondheim municipality and to meet all the exciting people who make each workplace unique.

We have many projects coming up this spring that we share on our various social media, so stay tuned and stay tuned!


Johanne Bergman

Johanne Bergman

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