Kobla is now on sustainable solar energy

In Kobla, we make a living by motivating others to choose greener travel options. We are concerned with the environment and sustainability, and therefore we try to make the entire value chain of the company sustainable, from A-Z.

We are proud to announce that we use sustainable and renewable energy from solar panels! We now have green energy for everything from coffee making and lighting to heating and computers.

The solar panels are installed,
and they shine.

Of course, Kobla tests the advantages and disadvantages of traveling sustainably as well. Our customers must receive products that we can vouch for. One of the things we do is to take public transport or cycle when we can, and only use the car when we have to. In addition to contribute to saving the environment, we think it is wonderful to take the night train to Stavanger and wake up refreshed for the day’s meeting, rather than rushing around an airport.

This is the start, and we want to think holistically about sustainability. Therefore, we want to bring our good news: We now have solar panels on the office roof, which produce clean electricity for the whole building!

The solar panels are supplied by Bluetec. They use suppliers who has certified quality and environmental certifications. The solar cells can also store electricity for periods when there is little sunshine. The panel covers 150 m² and has a calculated annual production of 25,800 kWh. This is equivalent to driving an electric car over 13,000 miles!

Did you know that solar cells are more efficient in Norway than in, for example, Southern Europe? Solar cells are more efficient in cold than in warm weather, and we therefore have electricity for showers after the cycle ride to work, long work sessions and heating in winter.

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Johanne Bergman

Johanne Bergman

Produkt- og markedsutvikler i Kobla AS. Epost: Johanne@kobla.no