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Due to Covid, working from home has become the new normal for so many of us. This has led to less commuting, which is good for the environment, but working from home makes social contact and physical activity potentially challenging. Companies can use Kobla, not only to save CO2, but also to promote health and cohesion among their employees. Bonus points for choosing the home office, if you have walked for example 20 minutes to get some air and stretch your legs, is a possibility we are trying out in Kobla.

Environmental Dashboard

Companies as diverse as Microsoft and IKEA have both committed to become CO2 neutral by 2030. Maybe your company should do the same? With Kobla, your company can quantify actual emissions associated with employees’ travel to and from the workplace and for work related purposes. The environmental savings from implemented measures where the Kobla app has been used can also be easily documented.

In Kobla, your company can set a relevant emissions target, the employees can then use Kobla to register activity, see how they are doing and help them reach the target.


With Kobla, the organization can set up and reward employees’ activities in various categories. Registration requires no effort for each individual, so the focus may be on actual changes of habits. Competition disciplines can be, for example:

  • Who walks / ride a bike to work most times during a month?
  • Highest bonus score. In this way, people working from home can also be rewarded, if the employee takes a walk outside in the fresh air during the day
  • Best progression / most impressive change of habits

It is also possible to challenge other companies!


Kobla is a flexible tool for testing and for campaign efforts (it can be configured with and without car, bus, only for bicycles etc), for limited periods and for a limited number of users, or continuously and openly.

One of the biggest disadvantages of similar environmental campaigns as they have been carried out so far, has been manually registering of trips. Trust-based manual registration is not good enough in 2021. Kobla is structured so that campaigns can find their place inside the app. The registration is automated and the set of rules on which the campaign is built can be recreated in the app. The logo fits on the front page and awards can be made in the app. Easier to implement than ever, get in touch!

What I like about Kobla is that I don't have to do anything!

Kristine FlovildCEO of the IT-consulting company Boitano AS

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Kobla is free for the employees, and is rolled out in collaboration with a region, municipality, the local transportation authority or your company. Contact us now! If you are curious about us, we are definitely curious about you!

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