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Kobla wants to give you valuable advice on exactly how you
can save money in your your everyday life.

What the actual costs of owning a regular car in relation to the practical value it has for you, is not easy to fully grasp. There are now many different ways to take the trip to and home from work, school, grocery store and fitness center. Often the cheapest and best alternative to use is something you already have, your feet – or maybe a bicycle. But there are also tons of other alternatives available in todays market: electric bike, city bike, rent a scooter, car collective, car sharing, public transport, carpooling, electric car, hybrid car, petrol and diesel car. And sometimes it is best to just stay home and order delivery at the door and work from home.


You are in control
Kobla registers the trips you take all by itself. 
The app registers start/stop,
and which means of transport you use. 
The data is only stored
in the app on the phone and you can easily delete trips.
You have full control!

The home page is adapted to your use
Here you will get statistics from recent travel, badges, encouragements, challenges, fun facts and much more. The more you use the app, the more customized messages you get, as Kobla is constantly learning.

Your stats. Or your family’s, your workplace, or even the stats of your district.
This is where you get an insight into your recent trips. How much did the trip cost? Fuel, tolls, tickets? How much CO2 was emitted? Alternatively, how much traffic queues have you reduced?, how many calories did you burn, and how much money did you save on cycling? What?!
Did it cost me 10 Euros to drive 10 km?

Set your goals high
Maybe you have a wish to become real though one who rides a bike all year round? Start with a couple of days a week, then! Ask other winter cyclists what it takes. Notifications, tips and other motivational measures make it easier for you to make it happen.


Collect and use bonus points
You collect new bonus points in Kobla all the time. Every trip you register gets points. Environmentally friendly, cheap, health-promoting travels naturally gets more points. The least points are given to car trips during rush hour. 
Earn extra points by participating in challenges or by winning badges!

A little rivalry is very motivating! Kobla allows you to compete for sustainable and health-promoting lifestyle changes internally in the department at work, school or the sports team. In the Kobla app, we provide leaderboards and send notifications when someone takes over your lead or position.

With principles from behavioral economics and game development, Kobla motivates the user to even better habits, whether you are a year-round cyclist from before, or dependent on a car in your everyday life.

Gaute KokkvollConsultant and gamification expert, Kokkvoll Consult

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Kobla is free for the user, but needs to be delivered in partnership. As an individual, you can request either your region, municipality, public transport company or your workplace to get in touch with Kobla. After the agreement is made, you will be provided with a QR-code, and you are ready to get startet!

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