Help us and win prizes by cycling to the beach of Scheveningen!

First of all, thank you for helping us test this app, where you can also win prizes!

The Hague has launched a new app that encourages visitors to Scheveningen to cycle instead of taking the car for a day at the beach. The app is tested before we go live, and we need you for that!
From 06-20. October you can earn points by cycling. You don’t have to turn the app on or off. We will ask you a number of questions by email, and use your feedback to further improve the app. During the test you can win €25 tourist vouchers and a €50 voucher at the end.
The Kobla app becomes an automatic travel diary. As soon as you get on your bike you earn points. You earn points for every ride, but rides to Scheveningen earn extra points. In addition, Kobla gives you an overview of your exact travel-related CO2 emissions, the amount of emissions you saved by walking or cycling and the amount of calories burned during your last walk or bike ride.
When using the Kobla app, location data from your phone is never shared by the Kobla app.

Download the app to participate!

All you have to do to participate in the trial version of the app is download the Kobla app from the App Store/Google Play via this QR-code and follow the prompts displayed on your phone screen. If already installed, scan the code once more with your camera to be re-directed into to your region to start the onboarding.
If you have any problems downloading Kobla, please see our FAQ  or contact (09:00 – 16:00)

Or download directly from Appstore/Play and use the code: DenHaag2023C